The Ugly Truth About Animal Cruelty Revealed

May 4, 2016 Off By Settimo Angelo

Animal cruelty is a hotly debated topic, given the vast unethical practices prevailing worldwide. On the other hand, majorities aren’t aware of most of the unjust activities that are being conducted today. With that said, there are many animal rescue shows that are being telecasted. Some of the cases include rescuing animals used in a sport that individuals enjoy, which is animal fights such as dogs, hens and so on. Moreover, the article would be shedding some light about a popular sporting activity ‘horse races’. It’s a thrilling sport that viewers all over the world enjoying watching.

There are well renowned tracks, while there are some that aren’t up to standards. On the other hand, some of these facilities aren’t inspected. As a fact, horses are treated beyond an individual’s comprehension. Therefore, it’s important to raise awareness about such situations. As a fact, you could be cautious and take action against owners and facilities following such unethical practices. With that said, here are some ugly truths hidden from the eyes of the authorities and public:

a.    You might not be aware that according to Australia horse racing news a higher number of deaths are being reported while running along the track. Even today, with strict regulations about whipping, these animals are being whipped. This leads to great deal of pain and these animals suffer, beyond being able to bear it.

b.    Additionally, fully-grown animals suffer a great deal, participating in these events. However, it’s also been reported that, in some facilities the foal is being trained at an early stage. In fact, prior to completion of proper growth, these youngsters are trained, causing more damage to their health.

c.    On the other hand, it’s been reported in horse racing free tips sites that there are other illegal and even reputed racing facilities that slaughter retired animals. These facilities don’t value the life of these animals, even after going through stress and torture in these tracks.

d.    Furthermore, another saddening attitude of authorities running these facilities and even the jockeys is that, any horse could be replaced. Implying that, these animals are simply commodities to them. They focus more on what they could earn from racing.

Are you interested in this ancient and still popular sporting event? While it’s considered to be a thrilling sport, you might as well take these pointers into mind. Spread the word about such activities. As a fact, through awareness, authorities could take action against such facilities. So, be aware of such exploiters, you find in this sporting industry.